My ADHD Tips & Tricks

My ADHD Tips & Tricks For Maximum Focus, Productivity, and Success

I’m about to share with you my best tips for increased focus, energy, and productivity that most people will never know about.

Here’s the underlying secret you need to know, taking an ADHD supplement is only HALF of the equation to increased focus, energy, and productivity, and success

Here’s another critical piece to the equation.

#1: Clear Goals And Visions

When you take Synaptol you will feel increased motivation and energy, no doubt about that.

Synaptol is the fuel to a rocket that makes it have all the power…

So the question then becomes where do you want the rocket to go? (Where do you want to go?)

That’s why its essential to have clear goals and visions so you can take the necessary action to make the right things happen in order to reach your goals and visions.

You don’t want to mistake movement for achievement.

In general, even with Synaptol you still only have so much focus and energy in a day.

You want to make it count.

I use two different types of goals and visions.

My Definitions:

Goal: some specific outcome.

Vision: the goal pictured in your mind with detail and emotion of what it will be like.

 Okay back two the 2 different goals and visions,

#1: Big Picture Visions

These are main visions that really excite you.  They don’t necessarily have a specified time but typically you want them as soon as possible, realistically within the 1-3 year time frame.

They are things that you may catch yourself saying”wow if i had that, that’d be so cool, or ‘if i just had that”

I set this big picture vision in 3 key areas of my life

Logical: meaning financial, career business

Emotional: my social or intimate relationships

Physical: my physical body how will I feel

I also make a vision board with them

Here’s my example:

adhd natural remedy vision board trick

adhd natural remedy vision board trick

Then I do 30 day goals.

Sometime specific I can measure at the end of 30 days.

For example my goal this month is to make over 10,000

Last month I made a little over 8,000.

adhd natural treatment makes money

adhd natural treatment makes money

Overall even when using Synaptol you’ll be much more focused to get tasks done.  That’s why you want to have your goals and visions so your on the right track to make them a reality.

Added bonus tips:

  • Put your vision board somewhere will you see daily (I put mine of my computer desktop).
  • Envision what it will feel like when you achieve your vision.
  • Update your goal and visions as needed, they change and evolve.

#2: Fully Engage

A really good book titled, “The Power of Full Engagement” by Tony Shwarts taught me a key insight on how to be more productive.

That key insight is to be fully engaged in the task at hand.  This includes  emotionally, logically, and physically.

How to Do This:

-Establish the connection

Creating a connection with the task at hand no matter how small it is will help you achieve your main goals and visions.  For example, one of my goals is to buy my girlfriend an engagement ring.  So I think to myself “If I finish this task for this client, this will lead to making money that I will use buy the ring.” It’s important to connect the dots for the reasons behind your goals.

2.  Challenge yourself

Make the tasks challenging enough so you have to intellectually engage i.e. use your brain which will keep you interested, focused, and productive while preventing boredom which leads to procrastination and decreased productivity.

3.  Physical Engagement

Even if your at a computer, you can sit up tall and straight versus slouching and slumping. Physical body is linked to emotional well being.  “Emotion comes from motion,” –a great quote from Tony Robins.  Test doing a task slouching vs. doing the same tasks sitting up straight to see the difference on productivity.

Establishing the emotional connection, challenging yourself intellectually, while being physically engaged will all work in unity to maximize focus, productive, and achievement.

A side note, something that will prevent you from full engaging is inerruption.  Studies show that when you are interrupted from a task it takes you fifteen minutes to get back fully engaged in the task again.

How to solve this, create a work area where you can’t be interrupted in.  Do things like listen to soft music with headphones, put phone away or silence it,  block Facebook or other distracting site.  (I use this tool)

Bonus tip: Take breaks where you fully disengage from the tasks. So the formula is fully engage, fully disengage, fully engage, full disengage. Don’t be in what Tony calls in the “grey zone where you are half working half thinking about other things. Stops doing that now. It’s not effective.

#3: Powerful Physical foundation.

Okay you are now taking synaptol so you have the focus, you know your vision and goals so you know where your going to a degree and adding even more motivation.

This triggers you to get fully engaged in the task so your in the zone in that task only and not in your head about the past or future – you’re in the now.

Now you need to have what I call the physical foundation.

Quick story, my girlfriend said the other day, “When I take Synaptol it’s like I don’t care if i was tired or didn’t get enough sleep.”

I said that’s true short term over time you will burn out.

SO like Benjamin Franklin (and in spider-man they say) “With great power, comes great responsibility.”

If you don’t eat healthy and get enough sleep Synaptol won’t have it’s full effect or even if does it won’t be long term without properly caring for your body.

How to Take Care of Your Body:

  • Get 7 to 8 hours of high quality sleep
  • Exercise for at least 20 minutes 5 times a week
  • Eat greens and fruit daily
  • Drink plenty of water

Combing all these things that we talked about above, having clear goals and visions, being fully engaged with each task and making yourself physically strong will not only give you doubled focus, energy, and productivity, you’ll also to have a much more enjoyable quality of life I promise.

Talk soon,

Frank P. Fizer


PS: also one more thing to really take your productivity and focus NEXT level.

Surround yourself with motivated and focus people. You’ll be amazing how much productive you will be when you surround yourself with people who are actually doing things in the world and achieving their dream – will have an insanely awesome AUTOMATIC effect on you to do the same.

Hanging out the right people, doing the right habits we talked about above, and Synaptol, you can’t help but achieve your goals much faster, and much bigger.

Now go make it happen!